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Youth Employment in the Digital and Animation Industries

The Youth Employment in the Digital and Animation Industries Project is a project aimed at fostering entrepreneurship and employability among Jamaican youth and a favourable and innovative ecosystem for the emergence and growth of youth-led startup enterprises.







US $20 Million 


The World Bank


July 2014 – January 2020


The Ministry of Science, Energy and Technology


 The Project has four (4) primary components:

  • Providing training in animation, software coding and online work as a means of providing youth with the skills and capacities to enhance employability, innovation and entrepreneurship; .
  • The establishment of a technology hub, called Start Up Jamaica, geared towards accelerating start-up companies with business models focused on mobile applications, animation and scientific inventions.
  • Increasing the volume of Jamaican private sector investment in youth start-up companies by creating a viable ecosystem which supports among other things, angel investment, crowdsourcing and royalty based funding.
  • Promoting the development of science, technology and innovation through research grants and policy development.


Project Beneficiaries and Collaboration

It is estimated that the Project will directly and indirectly benefit approximately fifteen thousand youth in rural and urban areas with the main target group being youth between the ages of 15-30 years.

The Project is also designed to ensure its activities will involve close collaboration with institutions working with youth in low-income communities and vulnerable target groups such as youth with disabilities and will provide need-based scholarship funding to facilitate the participation of the “bottom 40%” of the youth population in the training programs.

It will also have a specific gender dimension, providing opportunities proportionately for youth of both genders. This is especially important as it relates to male youth who account for lower attendance at educational institutions and participation in the labour market than their female counterparts.

The activities related to the animation portion of the project, in particular, will use existing training facilities available at select tertiary, technical/vocational and secondary institutions; while activities related to the online work opportunities will be carried out island-wide using the Community Access Points established via the Universal Service Fund, as well as, HEART Trust/NTA centers.

The Project will also forge strong partnerships with key Ministries, such as, the Ministry of Industry, Investment and Commerce; the Ministry of Education; the Ministry of Youth and Culture (MYC); and the Ministry of Local Government and Community Development (MLGCD). With specific reference to the MYC and MLGCD, the Project will collaborate with critical institutions such as the National Centre for Youth Development, the National Youth Service, the YUTE program and the Social Development Commission, to ensure that the Project reaches a broad spectrum of youth.

The project will also be instituted with other key public and private sector partners, including, the Development Bank of Jamaica; Jamaica National Building Society Foundation; Cable and Wireless (Jamaica) Limited and Oasis 500.